For your business to reach its highest potential, it’s essential that you understand what makes people tick. This article from The New York Times offers a fascinating glimpse into what drives employees in the workplace – making it an essential read for all business owners.

1. Creating a Culture of Excellence

One of the best ways to ensure your business produces outstanding results is by cultivating a culture of excellence. Doing this will guarantee your team has all of the necessary resources and tools for success.

People need to feel part of something bigger than themselves, that their work matters and makes a difference. This gives them an inner sense of belonging to the team and spurs them on to do their best work.

A culture of excellence is an established set of expectations, values and behaviors that are shared across an organization. It promotes high performance, mastery of roles and focuses on providing quality to customers.

Building a culture of excellence in your business will increase profitability, boost employee satisfaction and promote creativity. It also gives employees the ability to consistently provide valuable value to customers – ultimately leading to growth and success for your brand.

2. Invest in Your People

Your employees are the backbone of your business–those individuals responsible for driving its success. They’re the driving force that gets you from one destination to the next, as well as essential in creating and sustaining a positive work culture.

Hiring great employees will keep them with your company longer and contribute more to its profitability. Unfortunately, employee turnover can cost a considerable amount of money and create an unfavorable image in the marketplace.

To keep your employees satisfied and motivated, you must invest in their professional development and wellbeing. This could include providing them with opportunities to learn new skills or expand on those already acquired, giving them time to pursue interests, and cultivating a spirit of teamwork among your workers.

To maximize these investments, it’s essential to find out what motivates your team members. By learning about their interests, aspirations, and hobbies, you can customize rewards and offer meaningful incentives that will encourage them to go above and beyond in their jobs.

3. Focus on Customer Service

To build a successful business, you must prioritize your customers. Satisfied customers are loyal to your brand and will return repeatedly, driving repeat purchases and creating an endless pipeline of new revenue opportunities.

A well-run customer service team can do wonders for your brand reputation, helping attract new customers through free word-of-mouth marketing and referrals. Moreover, happy customers who have had positive experiences will often share their feedback on social media or review sites to spread the news of their good deed.

Establishing a culture of customer service throughout your organization requires prioritizing it and teaching employees how to deliver exceptional service. Doing this will create an authentic work environment focused on customer satisfaction while increasing employee retention rates.

4. Reclaim Your Creative Confidence

If you’re feeling creative confidence slipping away, there are steps you can take to regain it. One way is focusing on developing keystone habits that will enhance creativity and boost overall productivity levels.

It is beneficial to ensure your internal definition of creativity is centered on the overall experience of being creative, rather than just specific results. Doing this can reduce performance- or result-related anxieties that might get in the way of your creative process.

We’ve used this approach to help thousands of people conquer the fears that limit their creativity, and we believe it’s an effective model for anyone wanting to unlock their creative potential. Drawing inspiration from psychologist Albert Bandura, you break challenges into smaller steps and then build confidence by succeeding on each one. While it may feel awkward at first, any discomfort soon dissipates as you gain newfound assurance and capabilities.

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