Whether you are a small business owner or a multinational corporation, you want to ensure that you are doing business in an efficient, effective, and profitable manner. This is why you should have a good grasp of business excellence. You might be surprised to learn that there are several business excellence models that can help you reach your business goals. These models include EFQM, the Healthcare Business Academy Excellence Framework, and the Malcolm Baldrige Award Model.


EFQM for business excellence is a framework that helps an organization assess its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. It is a non-prescriptive framework, which means that EFQM is not a one-stop shop for performance improvement. It helps organizations manage change by using data driven insights to develop an appropriate strategy and performance plan.

The EFQM Excellence Model uses nine criteria to measure an organization’s performance. These criteria include the EFQM “Foundation Level” Questionnaire, which is a “light touch” assessment to help less mature organizations to determine their improvement opportunities. The model also includes a self-assessment framework that provides companies with a comprehensive overview of their performance and helps them to improve their performance.

The EFQM Excellence Model contains two or three sub-criteria per section. It also contains an “Omni-Measurable Obvious Motif” and a “Meri-Mote” – which are the best of both worlds.

The EFQM Excellence Model is not the only model to measure the business miracle of adding value to customers. It is also important to remember that innovation, customer service and product quality are not the only factors that make an organization successful.

Malcolm Baldrige Award Model

Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company, the Baldrige Award is an opportunity to evaluate your organization’s performance. The award recognizes organizations that are making a sustainable commitment to excellence. These organizations are leaders in their industries and become role models for their peers.

To qualify for the award, you must meet specific Baldrige criteria. Your application can be as long as 75 pages for a large company or as short as 50 pages for a small business. In either case, your application will describe your company’s quality practices and results. You’ll also have to show that your organization has a well-developed management system.

A Baldrige award is given in six categories each year. Baldrige judges review organizations and choose winners from a small group of high-scoring applicants. They also conduct site visits and interview companies.

Baldrige awards are not only given to organizations with quality management systems, but also to those that have effective operations. These companies must have an employee-centric quality program, a high level of employee involvement, and customer-oriented quality programs.

Healthcare Business Academy Excellence Framework

Designed to help teams in the healthcare industry achieve operational excellence, the Healthcare Business Academy Excellence Framework serves as a starting point for assessment and action planning. The Framework is based on the Malcom Baldrige Healthcare Excellence Framework.

The Healthcare Business Academy Excellence Framework is an edifice of a variety of resources, including online courses, webinars, workshops, and a plethora of training opportunities. While the EMBA program is a standout, there is a wealth of other healthcare related learning opportunities available.

The Healthcare Business Academy Excellence Framework has already been demonstrated to benefit at least 50 teams. It is intended for teams of three to five employees. The EMBA program combines general business courses with the more healthcare-specific courses. Participants also participate in an international field experience and engage in a series of integrative team-based projects.

The Healthcare Business Academy Excellence Framework also includes a slew of other interesting and innovative features. For example, in-class materials are covered, and the program includes on-site hotel accommodations at The Blackwell.

Disney Institute’s lessons in pursuit of excellence with regard to the customer experience

Founded in 1986, the Disney Institute is a professional development organization that trains individuals, teams, and organizations to adapt the Disney approach to quality service. They provide workshops, online courses, presentations, and collaborative advisory services. The organization is a recognized leader in training, and its revenue has doubled over the past three years.

Participants come from organizations large and small, including nonprofits, government agencies, and educational institutions. Disney Institute uses examples from Disney parks worldwide to teach business practices.

Participants learn how to create memorable experiences for customers. The company’s approach to quality service incorporates five principles that are based on guests’ needs, desires, and emotions. Disney’s approach also incorporates demographic data and demographic trends. The Institute has developed a tool, called the Integration Matrix, to guide organizations through alignment processes.

Disney’s approach to quality service also uses the science of knowing customers, called Guestology. This method uses guests’ perceptions, needs, desires, and emotions to create detailed and memorable experiences.

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